Lets get this started already!

My BrightOrangeShoesOhMyGod! WhatADay! UGH. WHY?! How did that happen? are. you. serious.

There are constantly a million things running through my head and a large portion of my day is spend wondering how to fix everything. It is not until the bus ride home that I realize I need a break. I need to enjoy something that is challenging but can feel effortless. I walk through the door of my small apartment, say hello to my cat, and drop everything including myself on the couch. As I look up, there they are. A symbol of drive, passion, struggle, success, relief, and self-love; my bright orange shoes. The #brightorangeshoes are my second pair of marathon training shoes; barefoot style to keep my base free, as I see the world through sweat and breath.

Four years ago, after I graduated from college, I started to experience so many changes and challenges that I felt like I was turning in circles, confused and lost. After a year of this feeling I decided I needed to set an unimaginable goal. A goal that I controlled the input and the outcome. The goal: Run a marathon before I turn 30. Keep in mind that I am not a runner and have never run any distance further than the occasional 5 miles.
After 2 years, countless 5ks, 4 half marathons, and a Seattle Marathon later; I am 27 years old and can not stop thinking about more time in #thebrightorangeshoes. 2016-03-23-11.08.40.jpg.jpeg

For clarity, when I hit the street it is never about losing weight or a cardio workout. I run for the feeling of relief. I run for the feeling of sweat stinging my dry skin. I run for the gratitude I feel after I kicked “that Seattle hills ass”. I run to inspire myself. I run for the feeling of self-love that becomes apparent as I untie my laces after a long run in the pouring rain. I run for #brightorangeshoes.

When I crossed the finish line of my first marathon, I was overwhelmed with all of the above feelings and a little guilt. Guilt that I got to experience those feelings and some people never will. #BrightOrangeShoes is my hashtag to show this to the world and where it come from.

So I am going to go for a run.




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