Frankly My Dear, Never Give Up.

Text from Meghan
Daily inspiration from my running partner.

My next marathon is in 86 days. Yep 86 days. It feels like both an eternity and just a few days. As the count down began, everything decided to cause a ruckus at the same time; which started this round of training on a challenging first step. This is why I have my training partner to keep me in check. …but it seems we may be riding in the same boat. Now what?!


Today’s run was accompanied by one of my many inspirational tanks, running tights to the knee, and my #brightorangeshoes. All day, I couldn’t keep myself from staring out the window at the blue spring sky. Work kept me tied to my desk for nine straight hours, until I could not take it anymore. I shut everything down at 4:30 and raced to the bus. A “blue bird” day like this wouldn’t slip out of my grasp. A few errands later, I was tying my #brightorangeshoes on the curb, waiting for my watch to sync with the closest satellite. I am off.

It was the kind of run where I just ran. I didn’t think about where I was headed or how many miles I needed to get on the books to catch up to my training schedule. I just ran. My mind calm at the first cross walk; but by the second, my thoughts wouldn’t stop racing. Thoughts about the day, how I was feeling, the weather, fears that I wouldn’t be ready for the marathon in 86 days.

Never give up in #brightorangeshoes

Then #brightorangeshoes crossed my mind, and I remembered my breath. Everything calmed for a moment. I looked up, clear-headed, to take in what my run had to offer.


In Seattle there is no place to run without having to challenge a hill and let me tell you, it’s those “slight inclines” that I attempt to avoid. Today, when I came to the top of a “slight incline”, another would be waiting for me. Routes like these take a lot of perseverance and I found the only way to accomplish this is with nothing on my mind by my #brightorangeshoes and my breath. Take one step at a time, and absorb the challenge. Better yet, challenge it back, but just remember one thing, “Frankly my dear, never give up” you will be glad you didn’t.

Cherry blossoms and blue sky, what a finish line!


P.S. Sometimes after you conquer all of those hills you find treasures waiting at the top.



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