A breath of fresh air.

My run across treasure island.jpg.jpeg

A weekend at the beach with my parents is the perfect get away. No matter where I look, I am surrounded by views like the image above. Almost every morning I wake up, look out the window, and am racing to get my #brightorangeshoes on. Pacific Northwest weather is always changing, and when the water outside is calm and the winds have not rolled in, it is the perfect time to get a run in.

Today I coaxed my running partner to join me just after breakfast so we pulled together our running gear and headed out. It really helps that she is also my twin sister and we are usually on the same page with just about everything.

The first of just over 5 miles was quiet and crisp. Just her and I on the road running with little conversation. Our bodies still warming up for what we thought would be a cool run. Just as we hit a mile I said to my sister, “umm I think I am getting hot already.” It seemed the cloud coverage was a mask to hide the beautiful 57 degree day; perfect running weather. I read somewhere that you Running in #brightorangeshoes.jpg.jpegshould never judge your run by the first mile and 100% agree. In fact, my warm-up doesn’t usually break until after the third mile. Keeping that in mind, we continued to trudge up the approaching hill on to the nearby island to the meat of our route.

As we came to the first loop there was an older man out in his lawn doing yard work who we exchanged some friendly hellos with. After a work week in the city surrounded by road raged drivers and crowds infected by the “Seattle Freeze” it was a huge breath of fresh air. A mile and a half later we ran past him again, but this time our conversation continued further. He said “keep running hard girls.” As we passed, both my sister and I were grinning ear to ear.

Something I will keep in mind and time I step out in my #brightorangeshoes, always acknowledge a fellow runner. Some runners will respond with a friendly wave, smile, or even hello and some will pass by without so much as a glance. Regardless of the reaction, it always makes me run a little stronger after another runner wave’s hello. It is just the breath of fresh air I long for.  



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