Spring is here, so play a little.

Today is proof that spring is here. The sidewalks were packed, the breeze was warm, and the sun set hours after I got home, rather than minutes. My #BrightOrangeShoes were happy but a little blindsided. Spring came a lsidewalk hopscotch, Play a little.ot faster than I was expecting. The last 3 years I have run during a few amazing springs, but have a few tips to share that, if known can significantly improve the spring running experience.

When the sun comes outs and the weather warms up, it seems like any other afternoon run is another “color run”. Today seemed like every other block I was pacing 5 feet behind someone who would turn a corner as a pair of runners passed in the other direction. It was very inspiring to know so many other people couldn’t wait to get outside and “play” in the sun.

The only down side is that with the number of runners on the streets comes a few special traits. The first being the “keys in pocket” guy who followed close behind. For a solid minute, I was joined by a just-off-beat jingle of keys which really challenged my patience. Be prepared. This is common for the occasional jogger. Another special trait to look out for when the sun comes out is the paired runners who absorb the sidewalk. The occasional joggers who run together sometimes don’t realize that other people are on the sidewalk. It helps to use the “on your right” tactic, but if all else fails, my usual approach is to run around. Heads up; these will happen on beautiful days in populated areas but you will also get twice as many friendly smiles.

The warm breeze touched my faced today and instantly I was in the moment and nothing else mattered. With the warm weather came beautiful scenery. Three miles in and I couldn’t keep myself from looking up and around. The only challenge with this is that the sidewalks in Seattle’s neighborhoods are not very flush or flat, meaning the chances of tripping and being injured are high. Thankfully, I have done this before and perfected the “careful step” when I look up so, injury didn’t happen, but I did forget something. Before I had the chance for it to cross my mind, WAP! I was smack dab in the center of a giant swarm of gnats. Gnats are my worst enemy. They come out of nowhere and get stuck into places on my face I didn’t know things could get stuck. When I least expect it or am right in the heart of enjoying something beautiful I get a mouthful of little flying proteins, and am wiping them off of my face to confirm none are stuck in my eyes. Look out for the Gnats.

Now that is officially spring, I get to be in my #brightorangeshoes almost every day, but that also means I am up later. I get so excited to get to play outside, I lose track of time and even run a little further than planned. I get lost in the moment and remember that when I was growing up playing was running and running was playing. For a moment, running really is playing.

To make the most of spring running be sure to share the road, look out for the beautiful sights AND Gnats, and remember to play a little.


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