Feeling Drained?!

There are only a few things that keep me going after I get hit with the midweek lull. After four late nights, long work days, hill runs, and social demands; I couldn’t muster up the energy to do anything after I sat down last night.

Just as I was standing up from my desk to head home, my phone exploded with text messages and phone calls to “come out and play”. From what I could tell, through my boss’s window, it had been nice all day and now that my friends were free they couldn’t wait to get outside. In Washington, when my phone shows it is almost 70 degrees in March, everyone is outside doing whatever they can to make that sun last.

Instead of this excitement bug, I got hit by exhaustion. The rest of the week had caught up with me. Sad, I know, because it was only Wednesday. With 80 days until the marathon, I cannot afford to skip a run, especially on a day like yesterday. This point in training should be thriving with drive and excitement to get out and run in my #brightorangeshoes, but right then it wasn’t.

Once I got home I had 2 choices; stay on the couch and pretend I don’t hear the sun outside calling me, or put my #brightorangeshoes on and go for a run; and I sort of chose both. I sat for an hour wasting time but kept thinking about the consequences of skipping my run. With just 45 minutes till sunset, I decided to put on my #brightorangeshoes and “squeeze in” an easy run. So I hit the road.

invincible runningThe first mile is always the hardest, especially when I had to pull myself out of a convincing state of contentment on the couch, like yesterday. Almost every runner inspired pin on Pinterest says not to judge your run by the first mile. As heavy as I felt and as slow as I thought I was moving, I just kept going. Yes, the first mile felt like a chore even though I was on my “easy route” but after I crested over the first hill, I felt great. By the third mile I was feeling alive and free, regretting that I pushed this run off until the very last possible moment. I was happy in my #brightorangeshoes.

People always say to listen to your body and if your body is telling you something hurts or it is not a good idea then don’t do that something. In terms of yesterday’s run, I listened to my body but convinced myself not to. My body was telling me it needed to stretch out and see day light but my head was saying not to.

On days like yesterday, I try to remember I have never finished a run and told myself “Man that was a bad idea. I wish I stayed on the couch.” Allow yourself the gift of energy and life and trust your gut. Be invincible.


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