Running Unplugged

This is my timeAfter a crazy packed day full of class, baseball games, and late night Chinese food; Sunday started off at 7 am. I made arrangements to meet some girlfriends at one of their apartments and jog over to the local Lululemon store for their weekly community yoga class.

Based on my Saturday night activities, I was not exactly ready for an early active day but I set 3 alarms and after the second went off, I popped right up. It is exactly five miles from my apartment to my friends and I was on a tight schedule. I got to my friend’s apartment 8 minutes later than planned and it seemed some things had changed while I was on my way over.

Thinking they were both already on their way, I decided to head to Lulu and meet the girls there. The worst that could happen was that I would get to take the yoga class by myself and still get ten miles on the books before 11 am. So I took off.

Of the first five miles to my friend’s apartment I had only run 1.5 of those sidewalks before, so I was running off of google maps directions and intuition. About 3 miles into my run, my GPS watch died, which is something I rarely run without.

Then the following part two of my three part run was a little liberating. I was expecting to run with two other girls, but was alone. I was wearing my GPS watch which was dead and turned off. It was only two miles to where I was headed but those two miles were meditative. They were freeing, which made the hour yoga class that much better. That is when I realized getting outside in my #BrightOrangeShoes is the time I am given to be free and make mine.

If I am running for a reason or not, running will always be my time. My time to come to terms with right now; my time to be ok with what is happening. It is my time to push through whatever “it” is and just run.


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