Soaking Wet & All Smiles!

Running with Seattle rainNot going to lie, when I heard that the rain had rolled in, my heart sank. These last few days have been unreal, starting out cool and cloudy and then burning off and warming up. My wishful thinking had me believing this would hang around for a while but Seattle has this way of hiding what really lies within the clouds.

I left work, unprepared for the cold rain that pelted me all 5 blocks to the bus stop. A few blocks from the stop, my bus round the corner and I was desperate to get out of the rain, so I sprinted down the city streets trying to make it just in time.

Somehow, sprinting through the city felt liberating; and I made it to the bus. The moment I sat down, feeling puddles form in my shoes and dripping all over the seat next to me, my attitude changed. I could not wait for a run in the rain.

Most people dread being in the rain. It is cold, grey, and wet but like most things, joy can come from it as well. Rainy days remind me to look at good and accept things as they are. Somehow I always end up “acknowledging where I am and accept it for what it is”. That sounds like “fluffy words” but those words really cross my mind as I trop through puddles, right after thoughts of frustration. After all, without April showers there would be no May flowers right?!

Laced up in my #BrightOrangeShoes, I took off and sure enough one mile in, my shoes were soaked and water squished between my toes with every step. If you have never experienced that sensation, I highly recommend it.

Those squishy socks

Today running in the rain felt like play time, or my adult recess from every day. I splashed in puddles, had squishy socks, and took pictures. The best part was that I had the sidewalk to myself. This run was mine to do what I wanted.

My only advice for running in the rain: 1. Wear long sleeves/pants, 2. Invest in a good running cap to keep the water out of your eyes, 3. Bring a phone to take pictures, 4. Remain positive and 5. ENJOY the water and have FUN!

Now as Marty always says “Let’s Go Get Wet!”


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