Speed Bumps of Life.

wp-1465965896073.jpgSo these last few weeks have been a challenge. Yes, work is at its slowest point, but life activities are moving in fast forward. To give you a feel of my last 4 weeks; I recently completed a professional certification program, got engaged, went on a group vacation, and am trying to plan a few events for the near future (including major milestone birthdays). Needless to say, my training and attempt at living a healthy lifestyle have been put on hold.

Anyone who has trained for something, especially a marathon, knows that life can get in the way and sticking 100% to a training plan is not always realistic. My plan has been bumped so far off track that safety precautions have stepped up and the marathon I have schedules is looking like it turned into a half.

I have played with all of my options but want to play it safe. Finishing a marathon is not all about the 26.2 miles from start to finish but more about the 100’s of miles of training it takes. So, this round I will take one for my knees and go for the half but only know that I have found and signed up for my next full this fall; which will happen.

The first marathon I ran, I fell in love with the ease and peace each run provided. I loved the feeling of commitment and gratitude that came as the weeks passed. And I secretly loved the feeling of confidence I got when someone would respond with “how can you possibly run 26 miles?! You are crazy.” There is no way I can let that slip through my finger tips.

Yes, the commitment to myself and another full  marathon is a lot, but when put next to the fresh sense of accomplishment each finish line holds; I think I am up for it. Be prepared to hear about my journey ahead.

❤ #BrightOrangeShoes


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