Stay Motivated

Go out and run!There are days where all I want to do is sit on the couch, eat Girl Scout cookies, and watch reality TV. After giving in just once, it is really hard to fight that craving and stay motivated. Funny thing though, when it is time to go to bed and I have wasted 4 hours on the couch, I feel restless, like something is missing.

This dissatisfaction is never a surprise. So why is giving in so easy? It could be that I am looking to avoid challenges or that I don’t want to struggle through the first mile of my run. Whatever it is, it can be conquered every time by running into a sunset after a trying day of emotions, just as yesterday’s evening sky called me.

The first mile, before I am all warmed up, my whole body feels like it is dragging 200 pound weights while I am trying to breathe through a snorkel mask. Fortunately, a few years of running has taught me that this all goes away faster than it starts. Pretty close to the second or third mile the weight of my body disappears and my breath evens out. It is at this moment I can relax my shoulders and close my eyes and absorb paradise. As the warmth of the sun touches my face and I know my eyes will open to an amazing sight.

In this moment I am chasing my dreams, freely and without restrictions. It is this moment that propels me to jump out of bed in the morning to sweat as the sun rises and to avoid the couch by running into the sunset. Sometimes this memory is clouded by stress and frustration but when I look at the sky, I am encouraged to go out and run.


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