Just Say Hello.

wp-1466700184621.jpgTwo days after the Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle half, I couldn’t wait to get out on the streets again. I geared up, tightened my laces, and hit the pavement. Less than .1 miles in to my run I bumped into a friend of a friend. I learned about how cool his day job actually is and was unexpectedly complimented by an odd older lady. This encounter changed the whole mood of my soon to be almost 5 mile run.

Saturday’s half and the following leisure jog (not for training or any organized event) helped open my eyes up to a new side of the running community. It seems to be full of a more positive crowd who are always trying to push each other to do their best. They are always looking up and when faced with an obstacle too great, the surrounding runners flood the space with encouragement and positive vibes.

Just as I was approaching the last mile and a half of the half marathon, participants who already had their medals surrounded the finish line and even jogged back a few mile to help push those still running. No matter the skill level or the expertise, this community truly holds each other up until crossing the finish line.

So what does that have to do with my Tuesday evening run? Well, the friend I ran into initially started chatting with me about joining me for a run. We continued to discuss each other’s technical gear and details of where I was headed. The conversation flowed. I could have been standing on the sidewalk across from where I started for almost a half hour without even noticing it. It carried on as though we were old friends, but were essentially just getting to actually know each other (beyond Facebook and that one time we all hung out).

Great friendships can grow from unexpected events; whether it be jogging alongside someone your next race or the first time you join a running group, heck you might even be trying on the same running shoes at a store. Just remember to keep your mind open because you never know where your set of #BrightOrangeShoes will take you, or who you are running with.

Just say hi.<3 #BrightOrangeShoes


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