Explore Your City

Explore your cityWednesday my sister and I set out on a quick 4 miler around the city. Normally, my runs starting from places I don’t need to drive to but today was a little different. Instead of taking the lead and planning the route, I followed Meghan around her “hood”. We ran down a huge hill, across an overpass, and down a waterfront pathway; all places I have never been on foot before.

The things I noticed were amazing. I have lived around this area my whole life so I have definitely been to this area before, but never have I run it. Wednesday afternoon I saw a side of the Seattle waterfront I would have otherwise overlooked.

We ran through Centennial Park and the whole mile and a half, both Meghan and I were asking “what is this place. The trail was split for foot traffic and bikers and wound under some overpasses. After turning around, Meghan pointed out a small rose garden while I was staring out over the sound. The city skyline looked so different from this angle. We ended near Sculpture Park, which was a lot closer than I thought and took a while to recognize from this direction.

The best things about running in a new place has to be the things you see or notice. It might be an area you know like the back of your hand or a trail you bike all the time, but look up next time. It will transform in to something you never knew existed. While running, the mind is calm and focused allowing details normally overlooked to shine.

I swear every time I put my shoes on, I notice something new and can’t wait to show to my friends. If you have ever seen a new prospective of something while running, I would love to hear about it. Often, when traveling I use running as a way to explore the area. Any suggestions on what I should look for next?



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