The Dreaded Treadmill


So life happens. Every week I tell myself this over and over again. Something always comes up that makes me choose between skipping a run or an event. And when that moment comes I fall back to my last resort; the dreaded treadmill.

Some people love running on treadmills, but not me. They make me sick. I get dizzy and nauseous when the band stops. Then, my first step on the ground after makes my legs feel like Jell-O. My eyes can’t focus, and if I try to jog a little, I might as well be moving backwards. Even with all of the torture I endure post dreaded treadmill run, it is my life saver.

If the treadmill is so bad why don’t I just try and get in a “quick one” rather than go for mileage? Well, I have tried that but my apartment is on the middle of a hill. Every run out the front door either starts or ends with a hill. As this is great for training, when I’m in a time crunch and am trying to get a “quick one” in my choices are slim. Do I run to get my miles in, or do I run to get my ass kicked?

If I tell my fiancé I am planning a run and he responds with “How many are you doing today? Is it a quick one?” I head straight for the treadmill. This usually means we have about an hour until we need to be at an event. I know that, although I dread the treadmill, I can adjust my speed and the incline. And if I need to stop early because it is “cutting it close” to our plans, I know the shower is only about 100 feet away.

After one training season of treadmill running I noticed a few things. 1. Treadmill running feels a lot different than road running, almost like your legs are being helped along. 2. Aside from the dizziness, treadmill runs seem to be a bit easier in terms of the strain on knees or tightness in lungs 3. Never set the dashboard to show distance ran or distance left because miles seem way longer on a treadmill.

No matter where or how far a run is, every step is one closer to that dream, distance goal, or healthier life. #RunABetterLife

❤ #BrightOrangeShoes


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