So it’s 5 am…

wp-1474603144552.jpgAfter my peek run of 19.8 miles and a little hamstring pain that just wouldn’t go away, I have decided to take my planned morning workouts in the gym a little more seriously. These last 4 weeks, three times a week, I am thankful for my cat waking me up at 5 am. I jump out of bed for a little weight training.

Let me just say, that sounds a lot easier that it actually is. On day one of the week, 5 am seems doable but by day two, after am weights and pm miles, all I want to do is snuggle deeper into the sheets. Some how I talked Ek into joining me at the gym, so we have been pretty good at sticking to the routine. But let me just say without his morning encouragement, am gym sessions don’t happen (or are only a half hour).

Just to make things clear, when I say that we go to the gym, we are literally walking out our apartment door and less than 100 feet into our gym. We only have to be outside in the sleeping city air for about 30 seconds before the workouts can happen. For all of you who actually get in your car and drive to a gym; you are truly my idol. Keep up your motivation!

Just over 3 weeks of treadmill training, weights, and stretching has my legs feeling like training just started. The first warm up mile doesn’t seem to take as long and definitely doesn’t seem as hard. The normal joint aching is subdue and I feel like I “got my spring in my step” back.

Moral of the story; if I have learned one thing during round two of marathon training it would have to be to not skimp on weight training. It is definitely important to get in mileage, but it is equally important to work in weight training.

Just over 2 weeks until I hit the streets of Long Beach California on a 26.2 mile journey of a life time. Send some good vibes!

❤ #BrightOrangeShoes


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