So… What Now??

What's a runner to do after completing a marathon? It has been six weeks since I ran the Long Beach Marathon and I am not sure what to do with myself. I have nothing to train for right now. Is it too soon to sign up for another one? Am I ready to go through another round of intensive training, again? I still get the urge to run but find it hard to make workouts my priority when I don’t have an excuse. Running can no longer be my excuse for not drinking, eating crappy, or clearing four hours on a saturday to be outside (rain or shine). I don’t know how to deal with this.. do I?

Every running blog I follow and article I read says that a runner should NEVER sign up for another race until the hype of the just completed race has long passed. I am going to put this out there; this urge is really hard to fight. Let’s just say from that mile after my “power ball” just before the finish line until now, I have done everything in my power to keep myself from get another run on the calendar. In the past I ignored this advice and had the next race booked 6 months out. Regardless of my lingering runner’s high from the previous marathon, training was harder than ever. Motivation dwindled quickly and so did my mileage. By race day I was far from ready to run the full and cross the half finish line instead. It was definitely a learning experience. But who could blame me, I was exhausted and didn’t give myself any cushion for mental or physical recovery.

Keeping this in mind and moving with caution, I have been on such a high from traveling to and running the Long Beach Marathon that my next race has been top of mind. If you check my search history, I have Googled “Top marathons” every day since we got home. When people ask when my next race is, it takes everything in me to say, “Not sure, but definitely next year sometime”.

As the days pass and my daily workouts vary between yoga and weights, I am finding the muscle groups that get neglected while running. My hips, quads, and hamstrings are extremely tight. So, after thinking this through, my plan of attack for the next marathon will be a little different. The one thing I have learned is to listen to my body.

Be on the look out for my #BrightOrangeShoes next October! I am thinking Leavenworth… 


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