Me time

wp-1483129317431.jpgI love this time of year. Families gather, old friends return home, and work winds down. But that also means that things are far from normal. Most of my routines get overruled by family time and gatherings to catch up with others.

After all that face time with others I need time to decompress, to do exactly what I want when I want, without restrictions. I need some solid time with myself. No matter if it is running, lifting weights in the weight room or time on my yoga mat; while sweating and stretching I give my mind a break from built up tension or doubt. My mind is allowed to roam free and sort itself out. All I need is one hour. All I need is some solid me-time.

I know first-hand that the holidays are a hard time to sneak away for an hour or so. There are only so many days, or in some cases so many hours that I get to catch up with others. Some of these people I only see once or twice a year so I want to make the most of time they are around. How could I possibly escape to be alone??

This year, all of a sudden after 3 family gatherings and a few helpings of pie, I got really frustrated at noting in particular. I just couldn’t sit still and was unhappy. I diagnosed this as a result of missed “me-time” and my prescription was a nice crisp morning run and a late night gym session. Sometimes, even a 20 minute jog can help. The advice I give to myself after the frustration sets in; to skip the last glass of wine and set an alarm exactly 8 hours from the time I hit the pillow. That way there is enough time to get in some fresh air and make coffee before almost everyone else has gotten up for another day of catching up. This is always really hard to follow through with but I never EVER regret it.wp-1483129109452.jpg

Make time for family and friends during these last few days of the year but also remember to give back to yourself, and sweat out some good hardy “me-time” with yourself. Do yourself one favor; when walking home from where ever you were (your run, the gym, the yoga studio) think about all the good feelings flowing at that moment and tell yourself “thank you”. A little self-love goes a long way.

Happy New Year!

❤ #BrightOrangeShoes


One thought on “Me time

  1. Before my break started I had a list of things to get done…well that list is still there and I’ve accomplished a whole lot of binge watching One Tree Hill on netflix… Yay me time?!? Lol I think it’s pre-emptive me time before Jan starts and madness begins again. Oh well 🙂

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