Wear It Proud

wp-1486856461307.jpgI was inspired to run my first full marathon after reading Born to Run. What really got to me was the It ended saying that running should be free; it is after all what the human body was built for. Why have I doubted my ability to do what I was built for??

SPOILER ALERT: Born to Run concludes with Micha True (also known as Caballo Blanco) explain why he turned down a major sponsorship for running – he is a legendary ultra-runner. Micha says “Running isn’t about making people buy stuff. Running should be free” (p287). There is definitely some truth to that. Anyone can run. After the barefoot craze; some people proved that they don’t even need shoes to knock back some miles.

Although I agree with Blanco; as a fairly new marathoner – after the fact the race swag makes those 26.2 miles live on. I look forward to every pre-race expo and sometimes I go both days to make sure I didn’t miss anything. J I love browsing the race branded merch and finding something I can wear proud after I have fought through the course.

Every time I put on my sweater from the Long Beach Marathon or my Tech Tee from the Seattle Marathon, I am humbled by all of the emotions that flooded my journey to the finish line. From day one of training to the very last sprint to the recovery tent, I put my heart and soul on the line. That journey affected every aspect of my life, from social event to dietary needs.

It may seem like just a sweater or tech tee but, it isn’t. Wearing it is a piece of inspiration that reminds me that I can accomplish something if I really try. I am capable of finishing something may people won’t even attempt. I have done it and can do it again.

When I wear my swag to work I walk a little taller and a little stronger.

Everyone deserves to be reminded of their hard work. When in a moment of doubt, remember all the struggles and successes it took to get to where you are now. Be humble but strong and WEAR IT PROUD.


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