Only the Bright Orange pair, please.

Over the last year I have been telling my running story. I post about new adventures, tips and tricks, challenges I face, and successes I achieve. But the one thing I have yet to explain is why the “Bright Orange” shoes? Nike Free shoes come in every color and pattern you could think of, but for some reason I have tied myself to only the Bright Orange colored pairs. So let me explain the significance behind the color.

I have always been a part of a pair or group; my twin sister, my group of friends, my boyfriend, my volleyball team, you name it. It wasn’t until college that I got to taste the true independence of being on my own. I realized I have never had to handle social independence alone. Then, one day I found this bright yellow book bag at Target and decided I needed it as a “conversation starter”. I took it with me everywhere. Surprisingly enough, some really great friendships started from conversations around this uniquely-bright yellow book bag.

It may seem silly but the yellow book bag made me feel like I was no longer alone with my independence. It made me stand out and allowed others to see me as who I was not who I was with, which gave me confidence to speak up and challenge myself. I was being noticed for my talents and skills no who I stood by or ate with.

It was by accident that 9 years later, when I found myself alone exploring a new kind of independence around my career, that I realized when running in my #BrightOrangeShoes I gained my confidence back. People would comment on my shoes while I ran around Greenlake or down at the beach, and that made me run with my head held high. They saw me.

This may sound superficial, but just knowing that people see me in my #BrightOrangeShoes when I am running gives me confidence to be my best in those moments. I get noticed. Even though I might finished a marathon in 548th place out of 600, the pack I ran with will remember me.

No matter how alone I might actually be while running, I am a part of something bigger in my #BrightOrangeShoes. I inspire myself to push harder and be my best. They are my conversation piece when I am chasing my dreams or facing challenges. So, until Bright Orange is no longer a color, you will see #BrightOrangeShoes on the streets while I am being my best self and hopefully inspiring others to be their best selves. 


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