Really Seattle?! More Rain!?! UGH

wp-1490591174208.jpgThis week was hard. Work was tough, I didn’t get much sleep, and for some reason I kept waking up exhausted and on the “wrong side of the bed”; so come Monday afternoon and I told myself I would run this weekend. I needed to reset and recenter. That was it, I would run – rain or shine.

Friday and Saturday quickly passed, and I went to bed feeling unsatisfied. I got a treadmill run in on Friday night, but that just wasn’t the same. So today was the day! Sunday, the last day of the weekend; I was going to go outside and run. I even set a semi-early alarm to make sure there would be time for my run before a Costco run, meal prepping, and yoga.

Just as I heard my alarm, my heart started to beat with excitement because it was time to run! ..And then I heard it, the rain outside. I laid in bed a little while longer to see if it would pass. Really, who was I kidding, it’s Seattle. It didn’t stop. By the time I finally got out of bed, it was 9:45; and I still had errands to do before heading to Costco to beat the weekend rush. My run would have to wait.

I was finally done running around checking things off my list. Maybe now I could run? The rain didn’t show signs of letting up, so I put off my run a little longer. After finishing everything at home I could possibly think of; I sat down next to my cat on the couch and stared outside. It was still raining.

I started thinking, why was the rain keeping me from doing something I had planning for 6 day!? It isn’t like I have ever let that stop me before. I even have rain running gear; a semi breathable/waterproof hat, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, thick socks, quick drying shoes, etc. – there is no reason I should not be outside running! But the real deciding factor that got my butt off the couch and in my running pants was the thought of how relaxing the post rain run shower sounded.

So that was that. I got up today around 9:30 am and put my run off until 3:45 pm but I got outside, and ran – in the rain. It has almost been 6 months since the last time I had to convince myself to face the weather and do what I wanted to. This time I learned something though. It is never really as bad as it looks. From inside my apartment, the rain sounded and looked so much more exaggerated that it felt while running in it. I won’t let an assumption keep me from something.

Conquering the rain helped me getting back on track for the week ahead. I had time to reflect on why I run, and what I am doing all of this for. I needed to be reminded that this is powered by more than just weight control. I run for people who can’t. I run to be routed to why humans are here. I run to calm my mind and maintain a sense of peace. I run for a chance to push myself farther than my limits. I run to keep myself in check. Lastly, I run for myself and the rain is absolutely not going to take that away from me. Thanks for the challenge Seattle.

Rain 0 vs. Sarah 1  #BOOM #BOSRunning #DONE

❤ #BrightOrangeShoes


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