Life Happens – But That Won’t Stop Me

wp-1498012718680.jpgNot only was last weekend the Washington Brewers Festival and Father’s Day; it was also the Seattle Rock N Roll run. I am going to be straight-up honest – I was not looking forward to running this. Almost immediately after I paid my entrance fee, this was the last thing on my mind. I even forgot about the packet pickup until 3 hours before it was over!

Right after picking up my race bib and grabbing a handful of deeply discounted gu’s I started my race prep for the half marathon I was about to run. After all I didn’t even know when it started or where the starting line had moved to. I quickly found out the first corral was starting at 6:30 am, which seemed extremely early and made me dread the run even more. After an hour of complaining, Meghan turned to me and said, “you know you don’t actually have to run” which made me realize how much I was putting down something that brings me so much joy.

This happens. Life will alway be in the way because the rest of the world doesn’t stop for your marathon. Other elements are thrown in the mix that influence an outlook. That is when I remembered that when I sign up for a race I am making a commitment to myself. If I let life get in my way every time – no matter how unprepared I am – I may have never crossed a finish line. The only outcome I remember getting from holding back on a commitment I have made to myself is disappointment and after years of putting things off, I need to remember that is not the route I want to choose. I will keep my commitment, no matter what doubts or influences get in the way.

Over the last year I have found that there will never be the perfect moment or perfect time, which is why making time is so critical. Life happens but that is what makes crossing a finish line so amazing. I survived the distance, defeated life’s challenges, and kept my promise to myself.

I may not have PR’d this weekend and I might have been cursing in my head for being up at 5:25am on a weekend, but after the first mile that all went away. Even when I convinced myself it was time to walk, I didn’t slow down. I finished strong – sprinting the last .1 mile across the finish line.

Cheers to all of you who were out there with me at 6am on Sunday at the Seattle Rock n’ Roll half and full marathon! Keep on running!

❤ #BrightOrangeShoes


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