Sun’s Out & So am I

Training indoors for 5 months has taught me a few things that I otherwise overlook. Check out my latest post to see top 3 takeaways and why when the sun is out so am I! #BrightOrangeShoes


A little sunshine in the rain

It is January, in Seattle and that means there is more hours of darkness than sunlight and outside is gray, brisk, and damp. This should be no surprise for me because Seattle is where I have always called home but never have I wanted a blue sky in January more than this last Sunday. 

Go with your Gut!

WARNING - This post discusses things associated with my gut. You may be slightly uncomfortable ... Maybe? ......... I was in a weird funk last week, and it turns out, all I needed was fresh run to get reset!

Run free

Most of my moments of clarity come while on a run. Problems work themselves out, decisions are made, and stress is dissolved. Other than myself, my #BrightOrangeShoes are the only things that remain a constant in these moments. It is because of them I am able to #runabetterlife.


"Winning doesn't always mean getting first place. It means getting the best out of yourself." - Meb Keflezighi, VP of Running, Rock n' Roll Marathon Series #Truth #BrightOrangeShoes #RunABetterLife

Really Seattle?! More Rain!?! UGH

I was looking forward to an amazing weekend run, only to get interrupted by the rain all weekend. By Sunday, I wasn't going to have it anymore. Why was the Seattle rain keeping me from running anyway? #BOOM #BOSRunning #DONE

Only the Bright Orange pair, please.

The vibrant bright color of my shoes helps me reflect my best self. I stand out as an individual a part of something. I am more than that runner on the street, but I am #BrightOrangeShoes running on the street.