Sun’s Out & So am I

Training indoors for 5 months has taught me a few things that I otherwise overlook. Check out my latest post to see top 3 takeaways and why when the sun is out so am I! #BrightOrangeShoes


Goodbye 2017 – Bring it 2018

This year, I think I found my sweet spot of running one marathon a year and at least one half - with one of those a little farther from home than the other. After running Leavenworth I decided to challenge myself with something I though I would never do - run a spring marathon but this training, so far, has been a whole new ball game.

The Secrets of Life, Love, and Training

Life, love, and training have helped me see the real impact these 5 things can have - in more than just running. I hope anyone reading this takes some of these and applies them to their lives. Some times it is easy to forget such simple real concepts. #BeReal #Honesty #Truth #See #Try #Ask

Strive to Excel, not to Compete

While running, I have never felt like I was competing with anyone, but trying to achieve my goals. Maybe that is why I never refer to my runs as "races"?!

Really Seattle?! More Rain!?! UGH

I was looking forward to an amazing weekend run, only to get interrupted by the rain all weekend. By Sunday, I wasn't going to have it anymore. Why was the Seattle rain keeping me from running anyway? #BOOM #BOSRunning #DONE

The Runner’s Dilemma  

A little advice for everyone out there trying to start the year out right and hitting the gym. Trust me you don't want to ever deal with my epic #Fail.