Meet SarahMy name is Sarah.

I am a PNW girl who loves the outdoors.

One day 3 years ago, I was sitting in a Hot Yoga class during a 30 day challenge and the instructor said to us, “…If you are training for a marathon, compete in our 30 day challenge. There is no reason not to give your body the gift of health and love.” The class continued but I could not stop thinking about what he said. I have always wanted to run a marathon but have been too intimidated to even sign up. Why not now?! What was holding me back?! So the very next day I called up my sister and my boyfriend and told them they were signed up to run a half marathon with me in 4 months, no questions asked – because I had already paid for them. And so my journey began.

My first half took me distances I never imagined. It gave me a goal to run for and a hobby to explore. The pre-race expo was like a theme park. Putting on the race bib for the first time felt so surreal. And crossing the finish line made me realize that a dream I never believed could be reality was only a few steps away.

After that was under my belt, I couldn’t stop singing up for things and 3 half marathons later it was time to attempt my first full. Last year, all of my energy went into preparing for the full finish line. I was definitely intimidated by the distance but wasn’t going to let that stop me, and I am sure glad I didn’t.

I may not be the fastest runner signed up for these races, and I may never even place but Lets go for a run
running gives me joy. During a time in my life when change and challenge were my life’s theme, running took me back to basics and allowed me to explore something at my own pace. It provided a chance for self reflection and in return I felt more self love than I knew possible.

Currently my mind is exhausted with the excitement and joy of running. This blog is my place to spill what I learn and explore. So follow me and see where my running will take me next. Who knows, maybe I can inspire you to chase your dreams as much as I am chasing finish lines.

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