"Winning doesn't always mean getting first place. It means getting the best out of yourself." - Meb Keflezighi, VP of Running, Rock n' Roll Marathon Series #Truth #BrightOrangeShoes #RunABetterLife

Strive to Excel, not to Compete

While running, I have never felt like I was competing with anyone, but trying to achieve my goals. Maybe that is why I never refer to my runs as "races"?!

Really Seattle?! More Rain!?! UGH

I was looking forward to an amazing weekend run, only to get interrupted by the rain all weekend. By Sunday, I wasn't going to have it anymore. Why was the Seattle rain keeping me from running anyway? #BOOM #BOSRunning #DONE

Only the Bright Orange pair, please.

The vibrant bright color of my shoes helps me reflect my best self. I stand out as an individual a part of something. I am more than that runner on the street, but I am #BrightOrangeShoes running on the street.

Wear It Proud

Running is free but who ever said to not enjoy the BOMB expo SWAG?? For me its that swag that helps the race inspiration live on and keeps me thinking what else am I capable of?

The Runner’s Dilemma  

A little advice for everyone out there trying to start the year out right and hitting the gym. Trust me you don't want to ever deal with my epic #Fail.