Recovery Techniques

My running list of recovery techniques. More to come and I promise there will be pictures!

  1. Foam Roller: My foam roller is my best friend and is just about the only think I think about when my legs are aching and stiff but can’t sit still.
  2. Protein: Eating proteins after a tough workout is essential for helping muscles heal themselves. Personally this works the best immediately after a good long workout.
  3. Water: Drink plenty of water; before, during, and after the workout. On long runs I try to drink a whole 12 oz water bottle before the first 5 miles. I have read that this will help to prevent lactic acid build up by keeping the muscles hydrated.
  4. Cold Shower: There is nothing I look forward to more than a nice lukewarm shower to rinse off all that salt and sweat, but on long run days cold water showers make the next day more bearable.