My Running Partner

Running is a great way for me to sort my shit out. It gives me time think things through, reflect on thoughts or events, and even brainstorm ideas. Over the years, the hours I’ve spent running have helped me get to know myself and where I want to go. With that said, it also serves as a really great time to get to know other people as well.

A short disclosure; make sure you actually like the person who joins you on long run days and know that running alone is ok.

Running with someone else encourages me to push harder and go farther. The person standing next to me keeps me out of my head. When thoughts of exhaustion or defeat come up, they don’t affect me. During long runs, distances that exhaust me beyond a normal half marathon, my running partner reminds me to checking in with things; how I am feeling, if I need energy, if I need water, and so on. She is there fighting through all the miles  and pain that come when training.

If you follow me on Runkeeper or Facebook you may know that my running partner is someone I have known my entire life. She has always been there for me, and I don’t see her going anywhere in the future. The first time I asked her if she wanted to run a half marathon with me, she was all in. Same for our first full; and when asked to take the leap and travel for our second full, she said, “Yep! I am in.”

I run pretty regularly with my twin sister, Meghan. At times, she might thing I am crazy but the reality is she is just as crazy as I am. Three days ago we signed up for our second full marathon (15 weeks away) and yesterday started our 103 day intensive training together.

To still running strong, Sista! Thanks for all the miles of support and going along with the crazy!

❤ BrightOrangeShoes