This Guy

I don’t hang out with other runners. I just picked up the sport to start getting cardio in and have always run by myself or with my sister. This makes intensive training schedules challenging because my friends don’t always get that I can’t just skip a run every week. Thankfully I am regularly surrounded by a pretty steady pick-me-up.

There is one person in my life that has always encouraged trying new things and facing what may seem scary. Since the day we became friends, the vibe around this person has made me want to do more, be better, and grow.

My first half marathon, he ran by my side and shared that finish line feeling. He has been picked on in hot yoga classes and exhausted by still running miles after I told him we could stop. Although he did not run my first marathon with me, he rallied the troops and led a support team, which meant more to me than I could have imagined. When running across the floating bridge, he was the only car that passed yelling “Go Sarah!!” to all the other runners, Meghan, and myself.

Erik has been up late nights and early mornings lifting weights with me and pushing me to get out of bed, or get off the couch to make my run. He has spent secret hours make spectator signs and always has water ready when I needed it.
Although he doesn’t run every mile with me, Erik’s support has made all of this possible. I would have never paid $50 the day before a 5k to stand in a crowd and know what organized running is like if he was not by my side to say “Hell ya! Let’s do this!”

Thank you for everything.

Here’s to sticking by my side run after run and race after race. Without you #BrightOrangeShoes would just be another pair of Nike Street shoes. You have helped make this dream come true.

❤ BrightOrangeShoes